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Update: Check Tickets Live for real-time listings of all the great Broadway and Off Broadway shows on sale at TKTS to exactly what the people waiting in line are seeing.

Be aware of 2 additional services: Matinee and evening tickets sold simultaneously on two performance days and Window #1 will also serve as a Full-Price Ticket Window for future performances of all shows, and for same-day performances of shows not available at a discount. available at a discount at any other TKTS Booth windows.

Attention ipad owners: There's FREE app available at the ipad app store-- just punch in TKTS in the search area-- 2 apps will come up-- install the FREE one which is better than the 99cent one-- provides list of shows, when posted, % of the discount-- and lets you click to a page with information about the show.

TDF as an experience in itself at the snazzy redesigned Under the Red Steps booth

To check out the website go here
The TKTS booth Duffy Square at Broadway and 47th is more popular than ever since ticket buyers were able to make their purchases using major credit cards, in addition to cash and travelers checks, for same-day tickets to Broadway, Off Broadway, music and dance productions.

Times Square: Hours for evening performances: Monday - Saturday: 3pm - 8pm; Sundays: 3pm until one-half hour before the latest curtain time being sold. Wednesdays and Saturdays: 10am - 2pm for matinee performances only and Sundays: 11am - 3pm. Downtown: For evening performances: Monday - Friday: 11am - 6pm Sundays: 11am - 6pm (closed on Sundays beginning January 21st). Matinee tickets are sold the day before Monday - Friday: 11am - 6pm, Saturdays: 11am — 7 pm, Sundays (to Jan. 21st) : 11am - 6pm

Straight playgoers can avoid long lines by heading for the Play Booth which usually has short or no lines since most TKTS liner-uppers tend to want to see musicals.

Tues and Thursdays are the days you're most likely to get good deals.

It's not always best to be first on line. The lines tend to be shortest after 6pm. What's more the most successful TKTS buyers know that tickets are released to TKTS by the producers who sometimes wait as late as 7pm to send over tickets. This doesn't always work, especially on weekends when a lot of the best shows get picked up fast.

NEWS FOR BROOKLYN RESIDENTS AND VISITORS TKTS Discount booth in Downtown Brooklyn in 1 MetroTech Center at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue is open from Tuesday - Saturday, 11am to 6pm. TKTS downtown will be open Saturdays for Saturday evening and Sunday Matinee performances TKTS Downtown Brooklyn will accept credit cards, cash and travelers checks.* It is located right outside of the Jay Street-Borough Hall station of the A, C and F trains and near the Court Street – Borough Hall station of the M, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 trains and the Lawrence Street station of the M, and R trains.

Other Ticket Bargains

People who work for large corporations can use where an even greater range of Broadway show discount offers can be gleaned (For example Lion King is rarely discounted in the public domain, but often appears on The down side is that only the employee can access these offers and then only while they are actually at work

People who live in New York and go to the theater often and are willing to take a chance on shows in previews or playing Off and Off-Off-Broadway, also do well by joining a seat filling club like the Theater Mania Gold Club, Play by Play or Audience Extras where the initial membership fee usually pays for itself once you see a couple of shows. If you don't know what to expect from a show on offer, check our annotated listings for Off Broadway and Broadway

A caveat excerpted from a letter from one of our readers: ". . . you should warn your readers about people who hang around the Duffy Square line hawking tickets which are cheaper than at the TKTS window and center of the orchestra. This is illegal and the tickets could be counterfeit which would mean a raw deal instead of a good deal. On the other hand, I've on occasion gone to a theater box office to purchase tickets and met people who were trying to return tickets they couldn't use. These kinds of arrangements tend to work out okay. Lee B. That's B as in Beware!"

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