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Letters to CurtainUp --2014

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November 25. [About A Particle of Dread] Shepard's pretentious variations on the Oedipus myth can best be summed up with this famous quote by Shepard's point increasingly comes into focus. In his theatrical way he's George Santayana: "Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The zig-zag between the past and present should have been a lot more entertaining.— Ted and Anne-Marie Wilson, Westchester.

November 20. I'm afraid The River isn't going to turn this theater goer into a trout fishing enthusiast. It's too pretentiously mysterious and I wouldn't shell out my hard earned $ to watch Hugh Jackman prepare one of those slithery buggers.— Mark Sadler

November 20. I thoroughly enjoyed Side Show and agree with your review. But then I also liked the previous version and if all the empty seats at the performance I attended are an indication, I'mam afraid history will repeat itself. In short, a short run. — Agnes Merker.

November 10, 2014. Your review of the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater's Henry V is right on! The PST's productions are always bright and magical, but with this absolutely ingenious version of Henry V, they've outdone themselves. I'm paraphrasing what I heard a gentleman sitting behind me say during the intermission: "I know this is Shakespeare, but this is so enjoyable." To echo Carmen Kahn's "A Message from the Artistic/Executive Director" in the program, Why shouldn't Shakespeare be fun and enjoyable? The exuberance of the young cast is contagious. They deserve every Barrymore Award consideration that can be given to them. The PST is doing A Midsummer Night's Dream next spring. If this production is as energetic--and fun--as the version they did several years ago, it will be a must-see.— W. Stephen Breedlove

November 10, 2014. I came to The Band Wagon-- cold. In other words, I never saw the movie so didn't look for another Fred Astaire or Cyd Cherisse. I did know that Brian Stokes Mitchell was a star because of his voice so I found it charming that he apparently took enough dancing lessons to hoof his way through the Encores Band Wagon. And the Beane script had him clearly state that this is what he knew how to do. Too bad that Ben Brantley didn't just knock this production but did so with such a meanspirited write-up. — Jamie Butenkamp, Brooklyn, NY

November 10, 2014. All those people knocking the casting of a singer instead of someone more Fred Astaire like seem to have bad memories for just such castings that resulted in solid hits: Robert Preston in the Music Man, Lauren Bacall in Applause. Both were in the same situation of the Band Wagon leading man, and neither was a dancer OR a singer. — Ken Marcs and Steven Elliot, Philadelphia

November 1, 2014. Great thanks for including all those Stoppard quotes in the review. Wish I'd liked all those scene shifting songs as much as your reviewer did.— Marsha Kendall

October 30, 2014. The book of The Last Ship isn't as bad as all those negative reviews make it out to be. When have we last seen a show with original music that has the feel of a musical from the great old days? — Caitlin Haggerty, Bronx, NY

October 30, 2014. You nailed it on Teeth Together, Lips Apart. 2nd Stage should have given this valuable slot to a new playwright. Maybe McNally's new And Away We Go would have gotten more attention than it did at The Pearl -- which should stick to the classics that it does best.— Alice and David Stevens, Long Island.

October 20, 2014. About Love Letters. It's a charming little conceit of a play. But do the producers REALLY think anyone is going to see it more than once just to see how a different pair of actors read Gurney's script? Even if tickets were not so expensive, once is definitely enough. — Jacqueline Blume, NYC

October 20, 2014. Seeing this hokey, basically non-play is painfully thin material no matter how good the readers-- I mean actors. So, the suggestions in the program to catch the other scheduled celebrities strikes me as just plain silly. No way, Jose. — Marie Bergstrom, Brooklyn.

October 13, 2014.Curious Incident etc. . . stunning theater. I think we're moving from the era of the director into the era of the scenic designer, especially the one who understands the ower of projections. — Jack Asperson, photographer.

October 13, 2014. Billy & Ray wasn't great but it was amusing. Glad you gave it a fair shake.— William Marks and James Slansky

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