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Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus - Whether you go for the low comedy, the stellar cast, or its political truths, you won't see anything else like this on Broadway. Read More

Beetlejuice - Like the movie, the musical has been cast with artists who are first-rate clowns. . . . Read More
All My Sons
All My Sons - a star powered Broadway revival of Arthur Miller first Broadway success. . . Read More
Tootsie - To paraphrase Al Jolson's famous song, Toot, toot,Tootsie, hello! Read More
Hadestown - the most original new musical on Broadway takes us to hell and back to a soaring musical score. Read More

Ink - Extended to 7/07! James Graham's play has been staged with stupendous originality and style and is performed with gusto by a large cast, made even larger with double casting. Read More

Hillary & Clinton
Hillary and Clinton - Laurie Metcalf is the chief reason to see Lucas Hath's imagined fly-on-the-wall peek at three scenes from a complicated marriage made even more complicated by. politics and marriage. Read More

Burn This
Burn This - Lanford Wilson's 32-year-old play is given new, if not entirely sucessful life at the Hudson Theater . .. Read More

Oklahoma! - Daniel Fish's new look at the musical that launched the golden age of musicals. . .the ear hugging tunes are still there, but with a far less sunny interpretation. . . Read More

King Lear -this is indeed a not to be missed star turn by Jackson, with enough positive assets to overcome the directorial missteps. Read More

What the Constitution Means to Me - Heidy Schreck's ever more relevant play on Broadway Read More

ain't too proud - The Life and Times of The Temptations - No less than thirty-one Motown songs are performed with a slick and polished vigor in Broadway's newest jukebox musical. . . Read More

Kiss Me Kate
Kiss Me Kate - Revival of musical inspired by Shakespeare, from golden era of musicals. . . Read More
Be More Chill
Be More Chill - a musical for Millennials that has the brassy, old-Broadway sound of Burt Bacharach's Promises, Promises and the 1971 revisal of No, No, Nanette. . . Read More

To Kill a Mockingbird - A beautifully acted and staged new and more relevant production of Harper Lee's iconic novel Read More

Network Extended to 6/08!- a high tech production of Paddy Chayevsky's movie with Bryan Cranston now telling us to be mad as hell. . . Read More
The Cher Show
The Cher Show - The Neil Simon Theater feels like Caesar's Palace but it does have 3 dazzlingly dressed Chers . . .Read More
The Prom
The Prom - a fun musical entertainment with a message of tolerance Read More
King Kong
King Kong - The iconic four-footed super hero is musicalized, and the beast once again upstages the beauty. . . Read More
The Ferryman - Jez Butterworth's multi-generational family and political drama has so many assets that it's eminently watchable throught more than three hours. . . Read More
Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman - another movie hit sings and dances to Broadway, this one with an essentially sleazy pair turned into fairy tale romantic lovers. . . Read More
My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady -Closing 7/09/19--but with plans for a national tour . Read More
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Winner of Best Play Tony! Read More
Mean Girls
Mean Girls - Another teen audience targeted movie now sing and dances on Broadway Read More
Frozen - A visually rich production that keeps us wide-eyed and on tenterhooks for more than two hours, even when we know how things are going to end. . . Read More
Come From Away
Come From Away - Its uplift message has helped this fact-based musical fly from Canada to Broadway. . . Read More
Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen - A small musical's big heart and big on talent cast is now a welcome addition to the Broadway musical scene. . . Read More
Read More
New York Off-Broadway
Continuity -Playwright Bess Wohl tackles the challenge of how do you tell a compelling story about climate change and create human stakes in the face of something so vast Read More

Mac Beth
Mac Beth - Erica Schmidt might not be the first artist to introduce an all-female cast for a Shakespeare play. Yet her Mac Beth arrives in New York like a breath of fresh air. Read More

Enter Laughing
Enter Laughing - hilarious but little known treasure Read More
Happy Talk
Happy Talk - In Jesse Eisenberg's new melodrama presented by The New Group, Susan Sarandon is making a meal on an unappetizing character. Read More

Curse of the Starving Class - This new revival might not fire on all cylinders. But it sure does allow one to get a real taste of the late Sam Shepard's genius Read More

BLKS extended to 6/02!- Aziza Barnes offers a thoughtful and entertaining contribution to the "Millennial angst" genre. Read More
The Tempe
The Tempest - The Mobile Unit's new gender-blind production gives the old play a new spin and fits right in with the Metoo eraRead More
The Plough and the Stars
The Plough and the Stars - What is particularly satisfying about this production is how it complements the Irish Rep's two earlier O'Casey productions. Read More

17 Border Crossings
17 Border Crossings -a solo travelogue written and performed by Thaddeus Phillips Read More

The Pain of My Belligerence
The Pain of My Belligerence - Halley Feiffer's look at the terrible toll toxic masculinity can take on both gendersH Read More


Socrates Extended to 6/02/19- Justice,friendship, virtue,poetry,theater, death, democracy! Tim Blake Nelson takes us through a Socrates' wide ranging philosophical ponderings about the meaning of life within the context of his lifetime Read More


The Lehman Trilogy
The Lehman Trilogy - Three superb actors lead us through the journey of three immigrant brothers' from Bavaria to America, from store keepers to bankers, from "too big to fail" to failure . . .Read More

White Devil - If A Game of Thrones is your kind of series, you'll find a lot to like about the Red Bull Theater production of John Webster's play Read More

smart Blonde
Smart Blonde- timely tribute to a very talented woman. . .Read More

White Noise - Suzan-Lori Parks inventive new play, beautifully staged and performed at the Public Theater. . .Read More

Nantucket Sleigh Ride
Nantucket Sleigh Ride - John Guare's stylishly staged but not always easy to follow memory play. . . Read More

Juno and the Paycock
Juno and the Paycock The middle play of Sean'Casey's Dublin trilogy in a deeply moving and remarkably relevant production as part of the Irish Rep's O'Casey Season Read More
Fiddler On the Roof - The not to be missed Yiddish version of the golden era's most perfect musical is now uptown. . . Read More

The Shadow of a Gunman by Sean O'Casey
The Shadow of a Gunman - The Irish Rep launches its Sean O'Casey season with his Dublin trilogy's first play. . . Read More

Fiddler on the Roof The show will move uptown to Stage 42 from 2/11/19; opening 2/21/19 - The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene's (NYTF) excellent Yiddish production of Fiddler on the Roof as directed by Joel Grey makes us fall in love with Tevye, his wife, Golde, and his three daughters all over again. Read More
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All My Sons Arthur Miller's play written in 1947 seems as fresh as ever with Sally Field and Bill Pullman playing the family with a dark secret . . . . Read More
The Twilight Zone The 1950s television programme is brought to stage with a medley of stories . . . . Read More

Waitress - Broadway hit musical comedy Waitress brings pies to London . . . Read More

9to5 lon19
9 to 5 - Dolly Parton's musical about sexism in the workplace comes to London . . . . Read More

Thriller Live The show which features Michael Jackson's music celebrates its 10th year . . . . Read More

Witness for the Prosecution Agatha Christie's novel is dramatized in the magnificent setting of a 1920s Edwardian Baroque council chamberwith exciting director Lucy Bailey in charge. . . . Read More

The Lehman Trilogy- a look at the origins of the bank which failed spectacularly in 2008, with a British star cast and Sam Mendes as director . . . Read More
Mythic The God of the Underworld Hades is the most attractive prospect in this musical myth of the girl and those fateful pomegranate seeds . . . . Read More
Othello English Touring Theatre bring their stimulating production of Othello on tour . . . . Read More
Tina Tina opens in London with a fabulous new star Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner . . . . Read More
Hamilton The Hamilton phenomenon takes London by storm . . . Read More
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New Jersey
Benny & Joo
Benny & Joon - this low-key musical has in its favor the off-beat charms of its characters. Read More
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Working LA 2019 - Studs Turkel inspired production . . Read More


Washington - DC
Spunk - a very pleasant slice of African-American life, of a certain genre and era, that is not seen often enough. Read More


Oresteia - There's something thrilling about walking into a theater in May, 2019 to see a play that was first performed before 15,000 people in Athens in 458 E. B. C. Read More
The Play That Goes Wrong - For a show, the kind that takes place in a theater, as opposed to, say, the White House or Congress, that deserves the label "farce," Washington audiences need look no further than the Kennedy Center. . . Read More
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The world has gone mad today/ And good's bad today/ And black's white today/ And day's night today/ And that gent today/ You gave a cent today/ Once had several chateaux …/ Anything goes.

Just think of those shocks you've got/ And those knocks you've got/ And those blues you've got/ From that news you've got/ And those pains you've got/ (If any brains you've got). . ./ 'Cause Franklin knows/ Anything goes.

—Cole Porter lyric quoted in Thomas Friedman's 3/06/09 New York Times column The Trump Musical: 'Anything Goes'.

You gotta crawl around in another man's skin 'fore you can really know him —Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mckingbird

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more— the famous quote by the newscaster of Paddy Chayefsky's film now back as a Broadway playstarring Bryan Cranston.

The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she's treated.— Eliza Doolittle back on the boards this season both in Shaw's Pygmalion and the beloved musical My Fair Lady.

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