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Girl From the North Country This uique musical featuring Dylan's song is as good, if not even better, on Broadway Read More

West Side Story - Ivo van Hove has achieved the impossible, a completely original versionRead More

Perplexed - If Richard Greenberg intended this as a refreshing new take on the once popular drawing room comedies, especially those with the action revolving around a wedding, Perplexed is more likely to put the nail in this genre's coffin than resurrect it. . . Read More

A Soldier's Play
A Soldier's Play - the play's character-driven plot that keeps us in its thrall from start to finish. Read More
My Name Is Lucy Barton - Olive Strout's melancholy memoir adapted as a solo play with Laura Linney deftly narrating in the voice of both the mother and daughter whose brief reunion drives the plot. . .Read More

Jagged Little Pill The latest Broadway jukebox looks great, sounds great, but rings hollow. Read More

The Inheritance, Part One & Part Two - Closing 3/15/19 This award-winning production of a new American play arrives from London ’s West End with a top-notch cast, almost seven hours of engrossing dialogue, and an array of challenging themes. Read More

Tina- The Tina Turner Musical - With the arrival of Tina on Broadway the jukebox genre takes on a feminist sound and a modern social conscience. Indeed, it may well be the first me-too musical of the millennial.Read More
Moulin Rouge! The Musical - a brightly wrapped, intricately decorated package with little inside. It's racy, sometimes vulgar, and always indifferent to historical context and narrative logic. This makes it just the right stuff for the Trump eraRead More
Beetlejuice - Like the movie, the musical has been cast with artists who are first-rate clowns. . . . Read More
Hadestown - the most original new musical on Broadway takes us to hell and back to a soaring musical score. Read More

ain't too proud - The Life and Times of The Temptations - No less than thirty-one Motown songs are performed with a slick and polished vigor in Broadway's newest jukebox musical. . . Read More

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Winner of Best Play Tony! Read More

To Kill A Mockingbird - A beautifully acted and staged new and more relevant production of Harper Lee's iconic novel Read More

Mean Girls
Mean Girls - Another teen audience targeted movie now sing and dances on Broadway Read More
Frozen - A visually rich production that keeps us wide-eyed and on tenterhooks for more than two hours, even when we know how things are going to end. . . Read More
Come From Away
Come From Away - Its uplift message has helped this fact-based musical fly from Canada to Broadway. . . Read More
Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen - A small musical's big heart and big on talent cast is now a welcome addition to the Broadway musical scene. . . Read More
New York Off-Broadway
Coal Country
Coal Country - Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen's documentary drama about the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in West Virginia presents a series of searing first-person accounts of the disaster, as told by the survivors and family members of the victims.Read More

Mr. Toole - The life story of writer John Kennedy Toole is the classic tragedy of an artistic genius
The Unsinkable Molly Brown - this is an Unsinkable Molly Brown for the 21st century.

Read More

Blues for an Alabama Sky
Blues for an Alabama Sky - LA Williams, and the cast, still deserve much credit for reviving this gem that creates a rich portrait of faith, vision, and hope. Read More

All the Natalie Portmans - C. A. Johnson might not be a name yet in the New York theater world. But her new play should be applauded for its originality Read More

Anatomy of a Suicide
Anatomy of a Suicide - Alice Birch brings a unique take to the intergenerational story, depicting three women simultaneously and exploring how they are connected by shared trauma that is passed down over time.Read More

Lady G: Plays and Whisperings of Lady Gregory - A fascinating study of the unforgettable Lady Gregory. Too bad the grande dame isn't alive to see it for herself.Read More

Darling Gremadine
Darling Grenadine - highly enjoyable, sensible and affecting new musical

Chekhov/Tolstoy: LoveStories - Curiosities from a zealous adapter. . . Read More

Medea - . Nearly 2500 years ago, Medea came in last, along with Euripides' other contributions, at the City Dionysia playwrights competition. She's gotten her revenge. For at least a century, the scorned wife has been all the rage. She ties Hamlet for ubiquitous Broadway revivals, appearing each decade from the 1970s to the aughts. And no role has earned its actor as many Tony Awards or inspired more contemporary adaptations. Read More

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice - Paul Mazursky understood that many spouses had a blindspot about marriage in the mid-twentieth century. And he managed, to help us laugh it right out into the open. While the New Group has built a reputation for smart work, their musicalized version is disappointingly lackluster. Read More

Timon of Athens - Instead of revealing the fun in Timon of Athens , Godwin more frequently reinforces the sense that this is a work resistant not only to playfulness but probably to performance. Read More

Woman in Black: A Ghost Story - calculated to make chills run up and down their spine Read More

The Confession of Lily Dare - a stunning production, under the beautifully finessed direction of Carl AndressRead More

Romeo and Bernadette - A Musical Tale of Verona and Brooklyn -Say waht you will about this Bard inspired musical farce with its trigger-happy cast, it's a lot of fun packed into 90 minutes Read More

 Sing Street<
Sing Street - The show will transfer to Broadway's Lyceum Theatre beginning 3/26/20. based on John Carney's 2016 feature film of the same name Sing Street teams up many of the creatives from Once which was also launched at New York Theatre Workshop Read More

Harry Towsend's Last Stand- Nothing in Eastman's play, directed by Karen Carpenter, comes close to the meticulousness of the stage itself. Read More

one in  two
one in two - this compelling three-actor play by Donja R. Love is receiving a superb world-premiere production under the sure-handed direction of Stevie Walker-Webb. Read More
The Thin Place extended to 1/26/20-Lucas Hnath's new play is so willowy, so wafting, and, ultimately, so wishy-washy that the play seems to float away even as you're watching it. Read More

Judgment Day
Judgment Day - A 1937 play that feels very much of the moment is given an operatic staging at the Park Avenue Armory Read More

London Assurance- a wonderful showcase for grand affectations and the presumptive attitudes. These unapologetically sustain it from beginning to end. Read More

Little Shop
Little Shop of Horrors - Mayer convincingly sells Little Shop of Horrors as a near-perfect piece of musical theater writing. Read More

Hamnet - Shakespeare, played maturely with a mix of grim optimism and snarky despair by Aran Murphy in his professional debut, has been stuck at eleven for a long, long time. Read More

forbidden bway
Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation - How did we survive this long interval without Alessandrini's insightful satirizing and inspired spoofing of Broadway shows both current and on occasion recent past? This corner welcomes it back as it again demonstrates that it has what it takes to mock the mediocre even as it also joyously celebrates the parodic life upon the wicked stage Read More
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Love, Love, Love Mike Bartlett's play about inter-generational conflict gets a welcome revival . . . . Read More

Shoe Lady Katherine Parkinson in a play about a woman losing control of her life . . . . Read More

Relatively Speaking In the prettiest dining theatre setting, Ayckbourn's classic farce is played with panache . . . . Read More

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts and Richard Gere's film from1990 gets the musical treatment with dream British casting . . . . . More

A Number Caryl Churchill's play about cloning is revived at Nicholas Hytner's Bridge Theatre . . . . Read More

Far Away Caryl Churchill's play about genocide and a child's view is revived at the Donmar Warehouse . . . . Read More

Prince of Egypt -The Prince of Egypt The Dreamworks cartoon movie comes back as a full musical with Schwartz Senior writing and Schwartz Junior directing . . . . Read More

Be More Chill This fun and quirky musical about teenage angst looks set for a committed and appreciative audience . . . . Read More

Leopoldstadt Tom Stoppard's latest play blends Austrian history with what happened to a middle class Jewish family in this seminal work . . . Read More

The Haystack Roxana Silbert's brilliant opener for Hampstead is a thrilling drama about spying, counter terrorism and obsession . . . . Read More

Endgame and Rough for Theatre II A Beckettian double bill to see Alan Cumming and Daniel Radcliffe . . . . Read More

The Gift a wonderful piece of writing, acting and directing with a really remarkable historical figure as a starting poin. . . . Read More

Scenes with girls The Royal Court gets to grips with sexuality and feminism in Mirian Battye's new play. . . . Read More

The Sunset Limited The Boulevard stages its firstplaywith great performances from Jasper Britton and Gary Beadle. . . . Read More

Les Miserables London's ground-breaking musical re-launches at the newly named and refurbished Sondheim on Shaftesbury Avenue. . . Read More

Candida Bernard Shaw's play about his two passions in two characters illuminates the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond . . . . Read More

Dear Evan Hansen The musical about an isolated teenager comes to London after storming success in New York . . . . Read More

The Man in the White Suit Stephen Mangan steals the show in Sean Foley's delightful rewrite of the 1951 film and play . . . Read More
Noises Off Michael Frayn's brilliant farce of farces goes behind the scenes of repertory theatre . . . Read More
Hamilton The Hamilton phenomenon takes London by storm . . . Read More
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New Jersey
Unmasked - selections from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s canon Read More

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - David Catlin has written as well as directed a stunning dramatic narrative that combines a period in the life of the novelist herself, and the circumstances that served to ignite her imagination for her novel. Read More
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Washington - DC
amen corner
The Amen Corner it is a great pleasure to witness a remarkable play written by one of America's most gifted and important 20th-century writers, James Baldwin Read More
Guns & Powder >
Guns & Powder - Signature, as always, is to be commended for putting considerable resources into what and probably will be, once cuts and changes are made, a very fine musical. Read More

 A Thousand Splendid Suns
A Thousand Splendid Suns - this adaptaton o Khahim Hosseini's ) novel is an austere and physically beautiful place . . . Read More

  Peter Pan and Wend
Peter Pan and Wendy - a very pleasant overhaul of a tried-and-true but somewhat tired classic. Read More

Amadeus - Every now and then the stars align with a perfect play, superb direction, set and costumes, inspired lighting and a performance by the lead that is brilliant. Such is the case with Amadeus at the Folger Theatre, with Ian Merrill Peakes as Salieri. Read More

White Pearl - Anchuli Felicia King hass juxtaposed race, ethnicity and the responsibilities of the cosmetic business, which after all is engaged in the practice of illusion. Plenty of conflict to work with.
 A Chorus Line border=
A Chorus Line - Signature Theatre has a reputation that goes far beyond its Arlington, Virginia home for taking "classic" or "forgotten" musicals and making them new again. That's certainly true of their current show Read More

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Moulin Rouge If this musical has long life, Marl—a Maples, President Trump's showgirl second wife, and Stormy Daniels, his short-term whatever, would be ideal as Santine and Nini in the bus-and-truck tour.—Charles Wright, summing up his review for Curtainup.

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