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Breaking News: Mamma Mia closing 9/05/15, after 5,765 performances. . . Disenchanted is doing its enchanting at a new home. . . For the 30th Lucile Lortel Awards Nominations, see our Annual Omnibus Awards Page which will be updated from now to the end of the season. . . The long-running The Fantasticks is calling it quits on 5/06, the 55th anniversary of its initial opening. . . . . . Cabaret Nights - April . . . detailed listings of current and upcoming Broadway Shows and Off-Broadway Shows updated daily . . . Curtainup at Facebook & at Twitter. . . Visit CurtainUp's Friends . . Go Tickets
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John Mahoney returns to England as a guest in the British hit Foyle's War
News for Good Wife fans
House of Cards Season 3 Still Home to lots of Stage Actors and Playwrights
A Stage Star Studded, Modern Cymbeline
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New York-Broadway
Gigi - new book makes this more politically correct but less piquant . . Read More
It Shoulda Been You
It Shoulda Been You - It shouldabeen funnier and more original . . Read More
An American In Paris
An American In Paris - The magnificent Gershwin score and fleet footed dancing, who could ask for anything more? . . Read More
Wolf Hall, Parts One And Two
Wolf Hall, Parts One And Two - Hilary Mantel's best selling history saga becomes this season's "event" with 6 hours of behind-the-throne intrigue. . Read More
Skylight - The Review - David Hare's acclaimed London revival of his 1995 play now on Broadway . . Read More
Hand to God
Hand to God -Robert Askins' devilishly clever play on Broadway, with the the O'Neill puppet namesake foul-mouthed as ever . . . Read More
The Heidi Chronicles
The Heidi Chronicles - though no longer ground breaking as in 1989 Wendy Wasserstein's funny yet poignant script holds up remarkably well, and the issues she explored have changed rather than gone away. . . Read More
On The Twentieth Century
On The Twentieth Century - The Roundabout's current take on that madcap sixteen hour Chicago to New York ride is buoyed by Cy Coleman's sophisticated operetta-ish score and Betty Comden and Adolph Green's witty book and lyrics & a great cast that includes a better than ever Kristin Chenoweth . . . Read More
The Audience
The Audience - Hail to Queen Helen Mirren! Peter Morgan's entertaining play about the British monarch and her prime ministers has made a smooth landing on Broadway . . Read More
Fish in the Dark
Fish in the Dark - Larry David fans get a chance to see a live Curb Your Enthusiasm episode binge . . Read More
 On the Town
On the Town - this old wine in a flavorful new bottle lands successfully in a 4x bigger Broadway theater . . Read More
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time - a genre-crossing, electrifying stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's best selling novel . . Read More
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New York Off-Broadway

Hamlet - Director Austin Pendleton has plucked out the spirit of Old Hamlet from the dramatis personae and Peter Sarsgaard plays his son as a regular Joe. . Read More
Ghosts - If you miss this production, you may wait a long while to see anything nearly as good.. . Read More
Clinton The Musical
Clinton The Musical - musical spoof about William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton Read More
Buzzer - Tracey Scott Wilson creates an unlikely roommate setup to explore the complexities of gentrification . . Read More
Macbeth:  Transformed
Macbeth: Transformed - Shakespeare's classic re-conceived and performed by Amanda Boekelheide and Sarah Eismann . . Read More
Cry, Trojans!(Troilus and Cressida)
Cry, Trojans!(Troilus and Cressida) - no matter how any stage director slices or dices this uncongenial classic, this Shakespeare play has never been a crowd-pleaser and the Wooster Group's adaptation is not a home run. . . Read More
The Undeniable Sound Of Right Now
The Undeniable Sound Of Right Now - It's set in a rock club, but you don't have to be a rock fan to relate to Laura Eason's univeral story . . Read More
Twelfth Night (or What You Will). . .

What You Will (or Twelfth Night)
Twelfth Night (or What You Will) & What You Will (or Twelfth Night) - Bedlam Theater's Shakespearean switcheroo takes the double title and morphs each into a full production that runs in entertaining repertory with itself. . . Read More
The Mystery of Love and Sex 
The Mystery of Love and Sex Bathsheba Doran's play doesn't purport to have profound answers or even ask probing questions. It's an observation of the human species laid bare, simple and complex at the same time. . . Read More
Five Times in One Night
Five Times in One Night -Extended again to 4/19! "As smart as it is sexy" feels like a clichéd but apt description of Chiara Atik's new play. Read More
Churchill Ronald Keatin revisits the life of the great British leader and orator . . Read More
Hamilton - It's moving to Broadway 7/13! A new musical that hits every sweet button: strong story, a melodic score, on the mark lyrics, stunning choreography and a great cast . . Read More
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 The Twits
The Twits - Enda Walsh mischievously gives Roald Dahl's the Twits a stage presence . . . . Read More
Gypsy Imelda Staunton conveys the kaleidoscopic complexity of an ambitious mother . . . . Read More
 Thrill Me
Thrill Me This thrilling and dark musical about Leopold and Loeb lives up to its name . . . Read More
Harvey The 1944 Pulitzer Prize winning comedy has a whimsical, if dated, charm . . . Read More
 Beautiful The Carole King Musical
Beautiful The Carole King Musical A show brimful of beautiful tunes for the children of the Sixties . . . . Read More
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Links to reviews of all currently running shows & News in London

New Jersey
 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - an enthralling entertainment . . Read More
Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery - a comedy where funny happenings and clever word-play are in tooshort supply Read More
Buyer & Cellar
Buyer & Cellar - This enjoyable diversion as well as an essentially show-off vehicle for a talented actor makes another of its many stops at George Street Playhouse. Read More
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New & Noteworthy
NJ Theaters

I and You
I and You - A delicate coming of age story at the Fountain Theater . . Read More
New & Noteworthy

Details about Summer 2015 Shows (updated regularly until the season begins


 The Taming of the Shrew
The Taming of the Shrew - A bright comedy of light intrigue and romantic passion has heavy underpinnings . . Read More
Hamlet - The experience of watching this Wilma productiobn is like watching an ensemble performance in which virtually each actor performs alone. Like a necklace with the links removed, each jewel shines separately, some brilliantly.. . Read More
New and Noteworthy in Philadelphia. . .Philly Theater List/Visitors Guide links

Washington - DC
 Simply Sondheim
Simply Sondheim -an enormously pleasing revue of Stephen Sondheim's marvelous music and angst-filled lyrics. . . Read More
Soon - Nick Blaemire's new musical begins with a very serious premise, but veers into Sesame Street territory . . . . Read More
The Originalist
The Originalist - Extended to 5/31! Whether audiences in cities that don't have more than 50,000 lawyers and an incalculable number of wonks, will have the sitzfleisch for 105 minutes of dueling ideologies remains to be seen. But Arena's production, though too long, is well worth seeing . . Read More
New & Noteworthy
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